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Why be a physician in Leumit
While all the kupot in Israel eagerly need physicians in almost every field, Leumit offers something special both to its physicians and to its patients. Being the smallest of the kupot (but still with 750000 members and 350 branches), allows Leumit to create a more family like atmosphere in its branches and in its treatment of physicians. Practically this means that while other kupot are super rigid about you being obligated to bring another physician when you want to go on vacation, in Leumit, we work with you to find you coverage. Whereas other kupot are rigid in their approval process for medications, tests and procedures, Leumit is often more flexible. But most of all, you will feel like you have someone to speak to and you are not just a number or cog in the wheel of a big system. This personalized treatment also is felt by our patients and other staff and creates a much warmer , friendlier, kinder experience for them and for all our staff.
for more information please contact us:

Dr. Refael Cayam, MD, FAAP
Director of Medicine, Jerusalem District
Leumit Health Services

Dr. Efraim Rosenbaum
Pediatric Specialist
Medical Director of Ramat Beit Shemesh A and Zeelim Medical Centers