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"If you put in the effort, it's worth it!"

"If you put in the effort, it's worth it!"
We met and fell in love here in Israel, and ever since just knew that Israel was the best place for us. In August 2013 we finally packed up our house in New Jersey, took the kids out of the schools they loved, said goodbye to our families and came to live in Israel. Our families were sad to see us go, but very happy for us and supportive of our decision. 
We found a home here, a lovely community, a great Shul. School was rocky at first, but now we have finally found our place and are thriving here. 
My biggest tip for new comers is to realize, in advance, that you need a passion to live here. It isn't easy, nothing worthwhile is. But if you put in the effort, if you work at it, things work out, they come together. People are misinformed, they think that living in Israel is a perpetual vacation. It's not. It's life and it requires work. 
Dealing with the health care system was actually one of the easiest parts of moving, thanks to Leumit. We have English speaking doctors who made sure we understood exactly what was happening and how to deal with the bureaucracy. We were suffering from culture shock and they guided us gently and patiently. They really were amazing!