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"Be open to new, different things"

"Be open to new, different things"
We came on Aliya from Canada 4 years ago, me, my husband and our 4 kids. We felt it was a calling. We didn’t come after a particular job, or opening, we came because it's Israel. Living here is important to us, we made aliya so that our kids wouldn’t have to. Our 5th was born here in Israel. 
We have jobs, our kids are in a great school and we are part of a community, comprised of people with similar beliefs. We consider ourselves to be happy, the younger kids growing more and more Israeli every day, the older kids happy in their community, learning to be part of the Israeli society. There were difficulties, are difficulties, I should say. It is never easy getting used to a different mentality, a different society, language and culture. It's especially hard being so far away from our families, but we are building a new life here, accepting the daily challenges we face, and enjoying the fruits of our work here. 
My biggest tip for new comers is: Manage your expectations. It doesn’t matter where you came from, Israel is different. You must be open to the unknown, willing to experiment and try new things. 
In terms of health care, you have to realize that the system is very different, and it takes time to learn how to navigate it. Have patience! There is a learning curve and it takes time. If something is important to you, then you must to learn how to push until you get it.