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What is supplementary health insurance Leumit Silver/Gold and why is it needed?

What is supplementary health insurance Leumit Silver/Gold and why is it needed?

 In Israel the National HealthInsurance law has compiled a Health Basket (basic health services) that health funds are obligated to provide. At Leumit, we believe you deserve more, as the Health Basket cannot meet all your medical needs. This is why we offer the opportunity to join Leumit Gold, the most advanced in comprehensive supplemental medical services plan in Israel.
 What additional benefits are provided by Leumit Silver/Gold?
  1. A higher standard of medical care -  by choosing a physician from among Israel's top specialists and by choosing a private hospital or medical service facility where you will undergo the procedure.
  2. Services in categories not covered by the Health Basket - for example genetic testing,  discounts on dental treatments, orthopedic products and vaccinations for members traveling abroad 
  3. Extensive treatment - even in areas covered by the Health Basket you will be entitled to receive additional treatments. For example in the area of child development your child will be entitled to receive additional treatments beyond those mandated by the laws governing the Health Basket (physical therapy/occupational therapy/speech therapy). 
What am I entitled to receive?
Details of all the rights granted to the members of Leumit Silver/Gold appear in the supplemental medical service plan agreement for Leumit Health Fund members. For your convenience however the following is a short summary regarding the services provided by Lou Leumit Gold and Leumit Silver:
  •  Private surgery -  includes the right to choose your own surgeon, the right to choose the hospital and Medical Services provided prior to, during and after surgery
  •  Surgery and transplants abroad - additional reimbursement for transplants at or special treatments abroad
  •  Consultation with a specialist -  for second opinions by specialist in Israel and in some cases specialist abroad the coverage entitles you to reimbursement
  • Pregnancy and childbirth -  prenatal test, treatments and assistive devices to ensure all goes well, including fertility treatments, genetic testing, fetal scans, refunds for child birth overseen by private obstetrician (leumit Gold), childbirth preparation classes, home monitor and postpartum convalescent care
  • Pediatrics - including child development treatments, didactic assessment of learning disabilities,  assessment of attention disorders, bedwetting treatments, nighttime house calls and pediatric drugs 
  • Drugs not included in the Baskets - Leumit Gold offers discounts on hundreds of drugs that are not covered by the Health Basket, including newly approved drugs
  •  Orthopedic products -  discounts on insoles, back braces, elastic socks and similar product
  •  Hearing aids - additional benefits beyond benefits provided by the health basket enabling the purchase of new generation hearing aids
  • Preventative medicine -  comprehensive checkups, periodic physical examinations for preventative care, and a variety of screening test for early diagnosis and treatment
  •  Psychotherapy - therapy sessions at a substantially reduced cost
  •  Vaccination for members traveling abroad - refund for consultation and vaccinations you receive at travelers clinic
  • Dental treatment -  substantial discount on dental treatments, orthodontics and teeth cleaning at private dental surgery clinics included in the agreement
  • Complementary (alternative) medicine - a range of treatments at extremely low cost including but not limited to homeopathy, chiropractic, reflexology, Chinese medicine and massage
International coverage with Leumit Passport
The national health insurance law provides parameters for health coverage within the State of Israel only. Every time you travel a bar abroad you should be sure to check that your health insurance covers you in case of emergency. “Leumit Passport” offers the ideal solution for travelers, the widest international coverage at the lowest possible price. Leumit, in conjunction with Clal BituCH, Israel's largest private insurance provider brings you “Leumit Passport” coverage. Get world-class medical services wherever you are. 
The cost of Medical Services abroad is very expensive and may expose you to many unexpected expenses. The program was designed to address, in real time, any needs that may arise when you are traveling
  •  Leumit Passport  includes coverage for accidents, medical emergencies and all illnesses while you are abroad
  •  Leumit Passport coverage includes damage theft or loss of your property while you're traveling abroad
  •  Leumit Passport gives you the option to purchase additional insurance to cover any over a broad area of events such as extreme sports, pregnancy and other situations not covered by the basic Health Basket coverage
  •  Leumit Passport gives you the maximum coverage in peace of mind needed during travel abroad 
Long-term Health Care
The increase in life expectancy of long-term care patients underlines the need to look to the future, and means that we have to ensure quality of life and a way of financing more years of life. Beyond emotional difficulties, the cost of caring for a person in need of long-term care are very high (from a few thousand to 20,000 shekels a month or more). In many cases long-term care patients become a heavy financial burden, sometimes borne by their loving family for many years
Leumit’s long-term healthcare insurance is additional coverage that ensures nursing care and assistance to an individual and their family in the event one becomes disabled beyond the limited assistance provided by governmental institutions and other health funds.
Complementary (alternative) Medicine
 Within the medical field, there are several schools of thought that define the type of care given to a patient, among these are Conventional and Complementary medicine. 
Conventional medicine (Western medicine) is a system in which medical doctors and other healthcare professionals such as nurses, pharmacists and therapists treat symptoms and diseases using drugs, radiation or surgery.
On the other hand, Complementary medicine (Eastern medicine) is practiced using methods perceived to be more natural such as dietary supplements vitamins, herbal preparations, special teas, acupuncture, massage therapy, magnet therapy, spiritual healing and meditation
 At Leumit, we believe that by offering a combination of both Western and Eastern practices, popularly referred to as holistic medicine we can provide our patients with a level of healthcare that is unparalleled in its ability to meet their individual  needs, while maintaining the highest level of care. 
In addition to the standard conventional medical practices complementary medicine includes homeopathy, acupuncture, Tai Chi, shiatsu, reflexology, naturopathy, yoga, biofeedback, and  chiropractics.