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Specialist Consultations and Second Opinions


The doctors employed by Leumit Health Services are leading professionals from the top of their fields. However, as part of the Leumit Silver and Leumit Gold supplemental health insurance plans, you are eligible for second opinion consultations with top physicians who do not work at Leumit, and for reimbursement in accordance with the conditions of the supplemental health services contract.
Who can you consult?
Only Leumit Health Services gives you the full right to choose – Leumit Silver and Leumit Gold clients are entitled to consult with a specialist physician with over five years of experience as a board-certified specialist (excluding dentists and Leumit’s inhouse physicians).
What is considered a consultation?
.A consultation that is eligible for a reimbursement is a visit to a specialist to discuss the patient’s medical condition
:Note that the following circumstances are not considered consultations
  • Dental care.
  • Consultation for dental issues.
  • Consultation given during surgery and/or any other medical treatment.
  • Consultation given during a medical examination that is covered by a separate part of the supplemental services insurance plans (“Shaban”).
How can I be reimbursed?
For reimbursement, submit an original receipt at one of Leumit's medical centers.
  • For consultations in a doctor's private clinic, the following information must appear on the receipt: the name of the consulting doctor, license number, stamp, and signature.
  • For consultations at a private healthcare institute or a private medical service center (“Sharap”), the receipt must be from the institute or the private medical service center, and contain the full information of the consultant, including license number, stamp and signature.

*Terms and conditions apply as defined in the Leumit Silver and Leumit Gold service contracts.