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According to the National Health Insurance Act, Israeli healthcare funds are required to supply certain medical services defined in the basic health insurance plan.
We, at Leumit Health Services, believe that you deserve more. We understand that the basic health insurance plan, comprehensive as it is, cannot answer all the medical needs you and your family have. That is why we offer supplemental insurance plans (“Shaban”) which give you accessibility to additional medical services beyond the coverage of the basic health insurance plan
Leumit Health Services offers two levels of supplemental insurance plans:
  • Leumit Silver – A basic supplemental health insurance plan that provides a range of medical services beyond those defined in the general basic health insurance plan.
  • Leumit Gold–The most advanced and comprehensive supplemental insurance plan offered in Israel, providing complete coverage for advanced private medical care.
Leumit Gold clients enjoy a wide range of benefits, including:
  • Personal choice of advanced medical care – Choose your surgeon from amongst the top experts in the country, and choose the private hospital or private medical service center (“Sharap”) where you will undergo the procedure.
    Only with Leumit Health Services – Second opinion consultations with any specialist who has over five years of experience!
  • Services in fields not covered by the basic insurance plan – including genetic testing, discounts for dental care, orthopedic devices, vaccinations for traveling abroad, and more.
  • Expansive range of treatments – Leumit Gold clients are eligible for a larger range of treatments than that offered in the basic health insurance plan in a variety of fields, including  child development , gynecology, and more.
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