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Long-Term Care Insurance


Dear Insured,

I am delighted to inform you that Leumit Health Services and Clal Insurance Company Ltd, the insurer providing the "Leumit LTC" long term care insurance, have extended their contractual collaboration to 31/03/2019*.

"Leumit LTC" - the group long term care insurance for Leumit members by arrangement with Clal Insurance Company, provides an appropriate solution for the needs of the ADL-dependant insured and his relatives - both for the insured chooses long term care in a long term care institution and the insured who opts for long term care provision at home.      

The terms of this insurance policy have been determined in accordance with the Control of Financial Services Regulations (Insurance)(Group Long Term Care Insurance for Health Fund Members), 5776-2015, which were enacted by the Minister of Finance. The Regulations provide that all the Health Funds shall offer their members a uniform policy, the terms of which have been determined by the aforementioned Regulations. 

Leumit, which is the policyholder, shall make sure in conjunction with the Clal Corporation that when the moment of truth arrives, should you and/or your loved ones heaven forbid become ADL-dependent, you shall be entitled to the financial assistance needed in order to receive dedicated and appropriate care. 

The long term care insurance is part of the range of services offered to Leumit customers in keeping with Leumit's commitment to its insured at every stage of their lives. We make great efforts in order to offer health and additional services which shall provide customized solutions to every medical condition and at every age.  

We wish you perfect health and longevity, and hope that should it heaven forbid be needed, the long term care insurance provided by the Clal Corporation shall provide an appropriate solution and peace of mind.   
                                                                    Yours sincerely,
                                                                Nissim Alon, CEO (-)

* Leumit may reduce the period as aforesaid by 3 months, provided that it gives the insurer at least 180 
   days prior notice before doing so. Everything stated is subject to the terms of the full policy including 
   its exclusions and limitations.