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Integrative (Alternative) Medicine


In recent years, modern medicine is increasingly recognizing that people's unnatural living environment is detrimental to their bodies and minds, and that integrative medicine has an important role in improving their lifestyles and quality of life. Integrative medicine combines conventional medical treatments and alternative treatments, in order to provide you with the right tools to take charge of and responsibility for your health, in order to improve your quality of life and lifestyle.

We, at Leumit Health Services, understand that alternative medicine adds an important aspect to medical services by giving our clients care on a personal level.

Leumit offers a wide range of alternative medical treatments suitable for adults and children, provided under the strictest quality standards by highly experienced practitioners across the country. Nearly 700 alternative practitioners at Leumit Health Services treat clients at private clinics, client homes and workplaces, and medical centers
The alternative medical services at Leumit include: Homeopathy, chiropractic treatment, reflexology, Shiatsu, Feldenkrais, biofeedback, Bach flowers, the Paula method, the Alexander technique, oil massages, naturopathy, Tai-Chi, Chinese medicine, the Elbaum method, lymphatic massage, Tuina, yoga, and baby massage workshop.
Leumit Silver and Leumit Gold clients enjoy a significant discount on the cost of treatments.
Only at Leumit Health Services
  • Unlimited number of alternative medicine therapy sessions.
  • Alternative medicine therapy at the most competitive prices!
  • No referral required from a screening doctor.
  • No waiting period.
  • Patient treatment follow-up by the patient’s GP. The GP and the alternative medicine practitioner are able to consult in order to improve the overall treatment of the patient.