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Who needs to go into quarantine and what should be done?

Anyone exposed to a verified corona patient with corona symptoms (fever higher than 38 degrees, difficulty breathing or respiratory symptoms) and anyone returning from abroad must go into isolation.
  • During quarantine, stay in a well-ventilated room, separated from the rest of the household who are not in isolation. Keep the door closed.
  • Any exit of the room for necessary purposes only, is for a short time and with full protection.
  • Maintain hygiene and wash hands frequently.
  • During quarantine do not go outside, do not let visitors into the house and do not meet other people.
  • Ventilate the house as much as possible and disinfect surfaces on a daily basis.

How long is the quarantine for?

Anyone exposed to a verified patient is required to remain in isolation until the end of the 14 days from the last exposure to the patient.
Those with corona symptoms who have not been exposed to a verified patient are required to remain in isolation until after receiving a negative test result and the symptoms have disappeared.

What do you do if you start to feel unwell during isolation?

If during isolation corona symptoms develop, or in any case that the medical condition worsens, please dial *507 to make an appointment for a call to your personal doctor or a request to the Leumit medical consultation center which is available 24/7.
For any other medical needs, contact your personal physician by digital means or through theservicecenter.
If you need any medication during the isolation period, you can order it on the website or on the app and have itdelivered to your home at a cost of 9 NIS, within 48 hours.
When calling, please update that you are in quarantine.

Should I stay in isolation even after being tested? Even if it is negative?

Yes. It is necessary to complete 14 full isolation days from the last day of exposure to the verified patient, even when a negative response is received.The reason for this is simple - the period of time that elapses between the time of infection and the onset of symptoms can last from a few days to 14 days.It is also possible that the disease symptoms will develop after the test is performed, so even if the test is negative, the full isolation period must be completed.

Who should be tested for corona?

  • Anyone who has experienced corona symptoms, whether or not exposed to a verified corona patient
  • Family members of a verified corona patient
  • Patient moving to a nursing home and or a Leumit client working in a nursing home
  • Prior to elective treatments: fertility treatments, transplants, hemato-oncological treatment
  • Students and staff of an educational institution

If you meet the criteria for testing, what do you do?

Are you family members of a verified corona patient? We will contact you and arrange a test appointment for you. Otherwise, make an appointment with the family doctor or pediatrician, through the website, the app or the customer service center.Depending on the medical need the doctor will decide whether to refer you for a corona diagnosis test.

What about students and educational staff?

In the case of a student or staff member at an educational institution verified for Corona, the Ministry of Health will conduct an epidemiological investigation, and will update and send Leumit a list of students, Leumit clients, who should be tested for Corona.
We will contact the student's family as soon as the list is received, and we will arrange a corona test for them. The tests are completed only for a student who has been exposed to a verified patient and not on the student's family members.

You were referred for a corona examination by the doctor, where and when will you do it?

After you receive a doctor referral, please contact the customer service center to determine the date of the appointment and the location of the test.
Dozens of sampling stations are available throughout the country for Leumit clients. Sampling is performed only after making an appointment.
If you are in isolation or suffer from corona symptoms, you should arrive at the sampling stations with a standard mask, by private car or on foot, and not by public transportation.

How is the corona test performed?

The test takes only a few minutes, in which a swab (a special stick with a cotton swab at the end) is passed through the oral cavity and nostrils. The swabs are taken to a laboratory for testing.

When and how will the test results be obtained?

We will update you as soon as you receive the results:
If the result is negative you will receive an SMS or voice message with the answer.
If the result is positive, a national team will contact you immediately for further treatment and follow-up.
The test result will also be displayed on a national website in the personal area and on the application, under the tab "Laboratory test results".
Customers without a mobile or connection to the personal area on the Leumit website can contact the customer service center for the answer.

What is the meaning of serological tests and how can you get tested?

The Ministry of Health, in collaboration with the health services, conducts tests for the presence of antibodies against the corona virus in the blood using a serological test - a blood test in which the antibodies that a patient develops against the virus are identified and remain in his or her body for a long time.
At this stage, the test is only offered forcommunities selected by the Ministry of Health, and in accordance with the criteria defined, and is not used to define patients or recovering patients.
The tests will be used by the Ministry of Health for better learning of the people who have developed antibodies to the virus