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Coronavirus Covid19 - Information

Coronavirus Covid19 - Information
All the information and updates from the Ministry of Health regarding protecting and coping with the novel Coronavirus, Covid-19

Mandatory Lockdown
As of 31st March,2020:

No gathering in public is permitted:
  • Funerals will be held in the open air, with a maximum of 20 participants. 
  • Circumcisions will be held in open air, with a maximum of 10 participants. There is to be 2 meters, between people.
  • Weddings: The Chupa and blessings are permitted with the attendance of nuclear family only, with no guests. 
  • All public prayer and group prayer are forbidden. Prayers are to be held privately. 
  • Leaving the house is permitted only for individuals or people living in the same household. They may leave the house for short periods of time, up to 100 meters’ distance from house.
  • Before arrival at work, each employee must take their own temperature and sign a health statement
  • If a distance of 2 meters between employees is unobtainable, the employer must care for other means to prevent infection 
  • Employer must remind employees about hygiene rules
  • At work only 2 people are allowed in elevator simultaneously
  • If possible, each employee is to be given their own set of equipment, i.e. personal mouse, keyboard and phone. If equipment is in use by more than 1 person, it must be meticulously disinfected between users
  • Do not leave home except when absolutely necessary (work, to buy food, medicines, to receive medical treatment and other essential activities).
  • Do not leave home for public areas: i.e parks, playgrounds, the beach, pool, nature reserves or other public spaces.
  • There are no extracurricular classes at all
  • Social connections should be maintained by remote communication.
  • Avoid hosting friends and family who do not reside at home.
  • Visits to welfare, nursing or healthcare facilities serving as homes for their residents are forbidden, with the exception of a maximum of one caregiver, preferably a permanent caregiver.
  • People with symptoms are not permitted to accompany patients or visit institutions for seniors.
People at Higher Risk
People at higher risk should stay home as much as possible, avoid hosting people at home, except essential services.
People at higher risk are: older adults, People with severe chronic illnesses of any type, People with long term respiratory illnesses including asthma, People with autoimmune diseases, People with cardiovascular diseases, Diabetics, People with immune system disorders and conditions, People with malignant diseases. 
Consider ways of getting food brought to your house through friends or family.
In cases of any illness
If you feel that you are developing illness, fever, with or without respiratory symptoms, you should go into home isolation and avoid contact with family members.
Fever should be measured twice a day. If you are concerned - Contact your doctor via correspondence  or “my personal physician on video”, through the Leumit App, or phone or customer service center at *507. Press on the link for all methods of contact with Leumit's medical staff, without leaving home. 
In the case of a fever, the patient should remain in isolation for two days after the fever has ended. The rest of the family is in isolation only in the case of a Coronavirus diagnosis.
When can you go outside?
  • Urgent medical care - Patients with fever and respiratory symptoms are prohibited from leaving the home except in medical emergencies.
  • Employees - in accordance with government directives and regulations 
  • Leaving for essential supplies if supplies cannot be delivered by courier or by a family member (in the case of elderly or chronically ill patients).
  • Funerals - reduce as much as possible to the required minimum and close family members and keep a distance of 2 meters between people. Avoid staying in confined spaces.
  • A 10-minute walk can be taken in the proximity of 100 meters from home or out in the yard. The elevator should be used with only one passanger or without proximity to other people.
Other behavior
  • Avoid physical contact including hugs and handshakes
  • Avoid using the palm of your hand in opening doors
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Wash hands frequently
  • Maximum ventilation of the house
  • Handles and doors must be disinfected
  • Avoid kissing mezuzahs and other sacred objects
  • Avoid using one shared utensil for eating and avoiding sharing foods
  • Avoid smoking cigarettes, e-cigarettes or hookahs
  • Healthy nutrition and exercise should be maintained while staying at home 
  • The elevator should be used with only one passenger or without proximity to other people.
Home Isolation 
Please report all cases of home isolation to the ministery of Health: home isolation after international travel, home isolation after exposure to Coronavirus patient
  • As of 20:00 on the 9th of March, a mandatory 14 day home isolation has been issued for all those entering Israel from overseas, from the day of arrival in Israel. 
  • A mandatory 14 day home isolation is required from anyone returning from Mainland China, South Korea or Italy prior to the 9th of March (even if only had a flight connection in these countries). 
  • A mandatory 14 day home isolation is required from anyone returning from Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Thailand, Japan France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, San Marino, Andorra Or Egypt prior to the 9th of March
  • A mandatory 14 day home isolation is required from anyone returning from international conferences, prior to the 9th of March
  • A mandatory 14 day home isolation is required from anyone who has been is close contact (less than 2 meters distance, for more than 15 minutes) of a confirmed coronavirus patient. Please follow instructions published by the Ministry of Health and on the news. 
The ministry of health instruction regarding the slowing of the spread of the Coronavirus
  • In any case of fever of 38 celcius and above, and respiratory symptoms such as a cough of difficulty breathing please stay home. Refrain from leaving the house until 48 hours fever free. 
  • It is forbidden to go to work when feeling ill. 
  • Waring for people aged 60 and above or people with underlying health conditions (such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, respiratory illnesses or immunodeficiency): avoid all crowds, avoid contact with people returning from abroad, avoid contact with anyone symptomatic or suspected as ill.
  • Crowds: No gatherings or crowds of more than 10 people allowed
  • Public transport: Avoid public transport as much as possible, do not allow more than 2 people in a car. 
  • Visiting care institutions: all visitation of welfare, nursing or health institutions, where people live, is to be limited to 1 escort only. 
  • Prayers and religious services: May be held in groups of up to 10 participants, with 2 meters distance kept between participants at all times. 
  • Work places: If possible working from home if the preferable option. You may keep working as long as 2 meters’ distance is kept between all employees at all times 
Instructions regarding the closing of public institutions, food and recreational centers
  • Supermarkets, pharmacies and places selling food for off campus consumption – are to remain open 
  • All educational establishments, regardless of the number of children, are to be closed. This includes special education facilities, boarding schools, day care centers, camps and afternoon care, 
  • All recreational establishments are to be closed: shopping malls, clubs, restaurants, event halls, gyms, swimming pools, zoo, safari, cinemas, theatres, playgrounds, national parks, heritage sites, etc
  • All businesses for non-medical heath treatment are to be closed
Reducing the spread of Coronavirus
No vaccination or medication that can stop the Coronavirus currently exist. The best way to prevent infection is by minimizing risk of exposure to the virus. 
  • Home isolation if decreed. Please report self-isolation to the Ministry of Health 
  • Wash hands frequently with soap and water or alcohol based hand disinfectant. Hand washing should last at least 40 seconds. 
  • Avoid touching your face, especially your eyes, mouth and nose
  • Cough and sneeze into your elbow or tissue. Throw used tissue out immediately
  • Avoid contact with people in quarantine
  • Stay at least 2 meters away from people who are coughing or sneezing
  • Disinfect surfaces such as telephone, keyboard light switches, remote controls and toys often
  • If you are unwell – remain home until you have been symptom free for at least 48 hours. 
  • Strengthen your immune system by eating healthy, remaining active and quitting smoking
  • Stay calm, tension is harmful to your general health. 
Instructions during isolation 
Please report all cases of quarantine to the Ministry of Health site (link above) or at “Kol Habriut” call center at *5400

If during isolation you are febrile, with a temprature of 38 degrees celcious or above, a cough, difficulty breathing or other respiratory symptoms, please contact the MADA call center: telephone 101

Do not go to medical center during quarantine. Leumit clients are welcome to contact their personal physicians via video calls or to correspond with them, through the Leumit App. Leumit clients can also order prescription medication to be delivered to their front door within 48 hours. When contacting us please state that you are in quarantine. Press the link for more information about receiving medical services without going to the medical center.
  • During quarantine a healthy adult (preferably not pregnant) should remain at home with you. If possible remove all other family members from home temporarily. 
  • During quarantine you may not leave your house or meet others, you may not go out in public
  • Air the house and disinfect often 
  • If there are other, non-quarantined people in the house, the person quarantined must remain in an an airy room with door shut. If possible a private bathroom should be allotted. Take care to separate toothbrushes, dishes, towels and linen from the rest of the family. If quarantined person needs to leave the room – it should be done with a surgical mask, all others should be distances and places where quarantined person has been should be disinfected.
Should you become symptomatic
If within 14 days of return from abroad or contact with a conformed Coronavirus patient the following symptoms appear: 
Feeling unwell, with a fever of 38 Celsius or more, cough or respiratory symptoms
Please contact MADA call center at 101. 
Do not go to emergency room or medical center. If decreed necessary a paramedic will come to you for testing or assessment of further need for treatment
In any case of fever of 38 Celsius and above, and respiratory symptoms such as a cough of difficulty breathing please stay home. Refrain from leaving the house until 48 hours fever free.