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Worry today about tomorrow's health

Worry today about tomorrow's health
Stress caused by our demanding lifestyle weakens our immune system and increases our risk of disease
Conventional medicine can cure these diseases, but in some cases medication may be unnecessary. In recent years, modern medicine is increasingly recognizing that people's unnatural living environment is detrimental to their bodies and minds, and that integrative medicine has an important role in improving their lifestyles and quality of life. Integrative medicine combines conventional medical treatments and alternative treatments, and aims to give you the tools for taking charge of your health, improving your quality of life and living longer in better health.
Alternative medicine is based on the secrets of ancient Chinese medicine, which includes a wide range of medical practices making use of herbs, touch, acupuncture, nutrition, and physical exercise.
Leumit Health Services offers you homeopathy, chiropractics, osteopathy, reflexology, shiatsu, Feldenkrais, bio-feedback, Bach flowers, the Paula method, the Alexander method, aromatic massages, naturopathy, T'ai Chi, Chinese medicine, the Elbaum method, lymphatic massages, Tuina, yoga, and baby massage workshops.
A wide range of alternative medicine treatment sessions is available from Leumit at the time and place most convenient to you
Appointments at integrative medicine clinics can be made with or without a referral from a GP or a screening doctor.
When arriving for treatment, please provide a financial obligation form (available from the Leumit Call Center or from the front desk at any Leumit medical center), and make sure you have paid the required deductible. If the practitioner you need works at a Leumit clinic, an appointment will be made for you at your convenience. For a treatment session in a private clinic, at your home, or at your workplace, you are free to make an appointment yourself, after receiving the financial obligation form. 
At your first treatment session, your practitioner will fill out a diagnostic form and recommend a course of treatment. Your treatment will be documented in your medical file.
Leumit Silver and Leumit Gold clients are eligible for substantially reduced treatment rates.