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International Coverage with Leumit Passport

International Coverage with Leumit Passport

The National Health Insurance Law provides parameters for health coverage within the State of Israel only. Every time you travel abroad, you should be sure  to check that your health insurance covers you in case of an  emergency. “Leumit Passport” offers the ideal solution for travelers, the widest  international coverage at the lowest possible price  Leumit, in conjunction with Clal Bituach, Israel’s largest private insurance  provider, brings you “Leumit Passport” coverage. Get world class medical  service wherever you are.
The cost of medical services abroad is very expensive and may expose you  to many unexpected expenses. The program was designed to address, in  real time, any needs that may arise when you are traveling.
  • “Leumit Passport” includes coverage for accident, medical emergencies and all illnesses while you are abroad.
  • “Leumit Passport” coverage includes damage, theft or loss of your property  while you are traveling abroad.
  • "Leumit Passport” gives you the option to purchase additional insurance  to cover a broad array of events such as extreme sports, pregnancy and  other situations not covered by the basic Health Basket coverage.  
  • “Leumit Passport” gives you the maximum coverage and peace of mind  needed during travel abroad.