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Mental health in Leumit

Mental health in Leumit

Mental health reform, Israel 2015
On July 1st, 2015, the Israeli health system underwent a reform regarding mental health services provided. The reform included transferring the responsability for most mental health services offered to the health funds. Thus, mental health services now fall under the same category as all other health services such as family practitioners, medical consults,  etc.
Psych and physical health as one
According to the Israeli psychiatric union, about 30% of the Israeli population will require therapy at various stages of their lives. The ideology behind the reform is the belief that mental health and physical health are one, completing each other, both a necessity when referring to one's health. The goal of the reform is an improvement in quality, availability, and accessibility of the services provided to all Israeli citizens under the health insurance law. 
The mental health reform in Leumit
Since the mental health reform Leumit health fund has opened 4 multidisciplinary mental health clinics in the community, offering psychotherapy and psychiatric treatments. Leumit also offers psychiatric consults in many of the medical centers. Psychotherapy and psychiatric services are also available through various public clinics under agreement with Leumit and via independent therapists. All therapies are offered at low to no cost, in accordance to the health insurance law. Leumit clients will also continue to receive services from government mental health clinics, and hospital wards. 
Initial evaluation
All customers seeking mental health services will undergo an initial evaluation (also known as an intake). The evaluation is a done by a social worker, psychiatrist or clinical psychologist, and is aimed at collecting information about the client. Such information includes data regarding medical history, developmental history, psychiatric condition\difficulty, personality, ability to function, stressors and more, in order to decide on the best fitting therapy for the client. After initial evaluation client will be referred to therapist for treatment. 
Mental health treatment routes availble for Leumit clients
  • Multidisciplinary mental health clinics that offer psychotherapy treatments without enlarged co-pay.
  • Psychiatrists working out of Leumit medical centers.
  • Psychiatric and psychotherapeutic services offered at public clinics in agreement with Leumit 
  • Psychotherapeutic services offered by independent therapists (payment as specified below)
Our customer representatives, either at your Leumit medical center, or at our customer service center (dial *507 from any cell phone) will be able to supply information regarding the services and suppliers available in your area. If a payment voucher is needed (Tofes 17), one can be obtained at your medical center or via your treating physician. If co-payment is required, you will be charged in accordance to payment rules. 
Therapy Payment
Psychiatrist in the community\Psychiatric hospital 24 NIS per quarter
Outpatient clinic in general hospital 132 NIS per quarter
Psychotherapy services offered by an independent therapist* 1st treatment - 55 NIS
Additional treatments - 13 NIS
Group therapy - 60 NIS
*the deductable will be charged to the health fund when obtaining payment voucher
Psychotherapy at Leumit mental health clinics Free of charge

Prices are correct for 1.7.15. 
As with all medical services, please obtain payment voucher from Leumit prior to receiving treatment


For additional information 
For more information about treatment and payment please contact customer service at 1700-507507, or ask at the health center you frequent.