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The pediatrician is in the house

The pediatrician is in the house
If you ask parents when was that special moment, in which they first felt love for that tiny newborn creature, you will hear different replies. Some will say it was during pregnancy, while others needed a few hours, days, or weeks following childbirth to realize they are head-over-heels in love with their baby.
However, if you ask parents when was the moment they started worrying about their tiny new creature, they will all reply: the moment we learned it existed. Worrying about your child starts with the pregnancy test, and apparently never stops.

We worry that they're eating too much, or that they're eating too little; we ask ourselves if they're too cold or too warm, we fear that they are too independent or not independent enough. We're concerned that they'll get used to being held, and then worry when they wander off on their own. Nothing can steal our sleep more than our baby, and this will continue into their infancy, childhood, and adolescence: to us, they will always be babies. We cry with them at their first vaccination, we get stressed out on their first day at childcare, and learn to take deep breaths and keep our worry and stress under control the first time they ride their bike without training wheels or the first time they go on an overnight field trip. But the worry is still there – hidden, veiled, but always there.

Naturally, health is a matter of constant worry. From the first time they breastfeed to the first beer bottle they sneak past us, we're always on our guard, watchful for their health. Every cough, every fever, every bruise, make us nervous. True, they're children. True, children get sick sometimes. But even so, our stomach contracts in fear every time they wander into our bedroom in the middle of the night with a temperature, every time we get a call from their preschool teacher because they're feeling unwell. 
This is where the pediatrician comes in. Our pediatrician is there to calm you down. He knows exactly what to say to make you feel better, feel safer. He listens, he treats your child as a whole and not just the specific complaint you came to ask about, and he can follow up on their development and progress. He will be a willing partner to your anxieties and indecision, he will be happy to answer any question or doubt you have. A pediatrician is there for your child for the first tooth, the first cold, and the first injury or illness.
A pediatrician will not abolish your fears, but will certainly alleviate them. Our pediatricians are there for you – the doctor knows you, and he cares.