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How do I join the Leumit?

How do I join the Leumit?

It’s easy, it takes less then 2 minutes.
If you have a credit card go to the National Insurance Institute of Israel web site
If you don't have a credit card just go to your local post office, tell them that you would like to sign  up with Leumit, sign the form and that’s it! Take the form that they give you to  your local Leumit branch, and you will have immediate access to our great  staff, laboratory services, and medications.  
Once you have brought in your form, we recommend scheduling a preliminary appointment with your local Leumit doctor. This appointment will facilitate a discussion of family history and allow you to get a better sense of how you can work together to achieve desired health care objectives. You can also discuss the services available in the branch, what to do when the clinic is closed, and any and all other questions or concerns. Please know that we at Leumit are excited to work together with you and look forward to having your family join our family!                    

Please press the following link and fill in your details, one of our representatives will get back to you shortly and assist you regarding joining Leumit