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First steps in Leumit

First steps in Leumit


Each health care system is unique and figuring things out tends to be perplexing and exhusting. In an attempt to make things a bit easier and more understandable, here are a few of the basic things you must know about making appointments, seeing physicians and specialists, filling perscriptions and emergency medicine:  

 How do I see a primary care doctor?
If you would like to see a primary care physician such as a pediatrician,  internist or family doctor, you can either:
  • Look in the Leumit web site  for physicians, choose a physician of your choice, call the clinic number in the directory and make an appointment through that branch  
  • Call the customer care service line at 1-700-507-507, open 7am-10:30pm, and make an appointment via phone.
  • Make an appointment online. In order to do so you must obtain a password from the secretary at your branch. This password will allow you access to our on-line care, which includes amongst other things - making appointments, viewing lab and test results, renewing prescriptions and printing authorization for treatment.      
How do I see a specialist?  
The procedure regarding specialists is similar to primary care doctors. You  will need to find a name and phone number from the Leumit web site or be  given a name and number by your primary care doctor. Most specialists in  Leumit do not require a referral from a primary care doctor. Waiting times to  see specialists vary, depending on the specialty and the location, so if you  have difficulty, try another specialist in the same field or speak with your  physician or local branch manager for assistance.
How do I fill my prescriptions?  
Medicines tend to be less expensive in Israel  than in most Western countries.  No matter  how expensive, the kupa covers 85% of  the cost of medications in the basket of  services. Signing up for the supplemental  insurance plans can save you a significant  amount of money on medications.
Filling a  prescription involves taking the prescription  WITH your magnetic card or temporary permit sheet to the pharmacy, paying the co-pay and  receiving the medication. The temporary permit will be given to you after you sign  up for Leumit and bring the sheet from the post office to your local Leumit branch. The branch will order you a  permanent Leumit card and give you a temporary permit which is good until your permanent card arrives.
Note that some medications can ONLY be bought at Leumit  pharmacies. At the top of the prescription will be  written: Leumit Pharmacy Only .
Insider’s tip: ask the doctor where you can fill the  prescription so that you don’t end up having to go  to two pharmacies.
What should I do in an emergency situation?
If you are concerned that someone’s life is in danger, then you should go to  the closest emergency room. Please note that the basket of services covers emergency room visits ONLY under very specific circumstances. For example, if you have been referred by your physician, or you are hospitalized, you will  be reimbursed for the visit.
If you are not concerned about a life-threatening situation, then you should
  1. Try to contact your local doctor to get advice about coming to a Leumit  medical center.
  2. If it is after hours then try going to a local Leumit urgent care center (list is available at your local Leumit branch).
  3. Try to go to TEREM  , which is a chain of urgent care centers around the country that have agreements with Leumit.