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Health Care in Israel


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​Familiarizing yourself with the health care system in Israel

​Familiarizing yourself with the health care system in Israel

The National Health Insurance Law states that every citizen of the State of Israel is entitled to health care. Accordingly, the government has put together a package (called a ”basket”) of basic health care services including doctor visits, laboratory services, imaging studies, hospitalizations, rehabilitation,  paramedical services (speech therapy, occupational therapy, etc.) prescriptions  and medical equipment to cover all of your basic health care needs. The  providers of these services are known as health funds (kupot).   All health funds provide the same basic basket of services. The coverage for this basic package is funded by proportionate monthly payments from your income to the National Health Insurance Fund (Bituach Leumi). If you are unemployed, retired or a student, there is a fixed monthly payment. New immigrants receive the basic health care package free for the first six months.  When joining the Leumit Health Fund, the services are provided in Leumit  medical centers by Leumit providers or by private health care specialists who  accept Leumit members. The services are given free of charge or, at times,  with an additional co-payment as set forth by the Health Insurance
How does one navigate through the Israeli health system? 
Fortunately, health care in Israel is quite well developed. Access to  physicians, specialists, medications, radiology, is better in Israel than the  US and other Western countries.